Spring is Here – Time to Get Active But Mind Your Teeth!

Welcome to our March post, the seasons are starting to turn – we hope! Even just yesterday you could see young and old alike out making the best of the bright evening as the days get a little bit longer. This is a time of year where many of us are fed up of being cooped up in the house and are eager to get out into the air and enjoy being active.

In fact, it’s so important for our health that we do get out and about, use our bodies and keep ourselves active. So, if you’re planning on taking up a new activity or sport this spring, that’s wonderful! However, as your dental experts, we at SCR Clinic, just want to remind you that if you or your child are going to start a new sport that involves impact of any kind, be mindful of your teeth.

Over the month of March, we have seen the Cheltenham Cup in horse racing, the Six Nations in rugby, a Euro 2020 qualifier match in soccer and the finals of the Allianz League in Hurling and the final of the Allianz Football League this weekend. What do all of these great sports have in common? Apart from great sportsmanship, excitement and keeping you fit – they can also wreak havoc on your smile. And we haven’t even mentioned combat sports!

The research shows that up to 39% of dental injuries come about as a result of sports and what’s more, most of these injuries affect one of the front teeth – as many as 80%! Dental injuries are not only painful, but they can cause distress due to the change in appearance of our smile. Luckily, there are excellent, state of the art dental treatments that can help repair damage to teeth from injury, but prevention is better than cure.

Most sports which carry a risk of dental injury require the use of dental protection before you are allowed to compete. This usually takes the form of either a helmet, which protects the head, face, and mouth or a mouth-guard which just protects the mouth. Some sports require both.
If you are your child are taking up a new sport, talk to your dentist about protecting your teeth in advance. They may be able to provide you with a specially
fitted mouth-guard or will recommend a good brand which will provide the best protection for your teeth. At SCR Clinic, we have a special price for mouth-guards for under sixteen year olds of just €75 with Dr. Sarah. Contact us on 01-454 9688 to make an appointment.

When choosing a helmet, ensure that it fits correctly, as an ill-fitting helmet won’t prevent injury and could even make an impact worse. It’s important to remember that while many sports require this protection for competitions and training, at home, we’re not always as careful. This is when accidents can occur. Remind your child to always wear their mouth-guard when practicing their sport, even if it’s just with friends on your local green. If you’re participating yourself, heed your own message and be consistent with wearing your helmet or mouth-guard.

Remember, too, that not all dental injuries come about from impact sports. Plenty of dental injuries result from basketball and biking, too. So be mindful of your teeth and, if an injury does occur, don’t worry. We, at SCR Clinic, are here to help. If you can get to a dentist as soon as possible after a dental injury, we can usually improve the outcome. You can reach us on our emergency after hours number, if necessary, on 085 728 0607.

Get out there and enjoy the beautiful spring weather! Hopefully, we won’t need to see you with any dental injuries any time soon.


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