Dental Hygienist

A visit to our Dental Hygienist is an investment in better oral health!

Our dental hygienists, Deirdre McWey and Aileen McGratten will guide you on how to preserve and improve your oral health.

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A visit to our Dental Hygienists will provide you with:

  • Assistance on how to avoid dental disease with cleaning product commendations

  • Information on correct diet control

  • Oral hygiene teaching and cleaning for healthier teeth and gums

  • Treatment for halitosis and foul breath deterrence

  • An actual means of fighting future serious dental problems

  • Competitive rates and expert service

  • After a cleaning process you'll feel a lot better and will have a refreshed feeling in your mouth

  • On average a visit to our Dental Hygienist costs €80 as a private patient ( with med card €60 ).

  • Learn the right Oral Health approaches to uphold your bright smile.

Low fees professional service

A typical visit to our Dental Hygienist costs €80 as a private patient ( with med card €60 ).

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