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Anti Wrinkle treatment using the genuine anti injection treatment product ( made in Ireland ) , temporarily softens the treated facial muscles, stopping or reducing their contraction.

When the muscles relax, the overlying skin remains smooth, unwrinkled and just as you want it, while the untreated facial muscles continue to work in a normal fashion, allowing normal facial expression to be unaffected. The effects can last for up to 4 months.

Our Anti Wrinkle treatment is done using very fine needles on the skin . There are very few side effects ,which are all mentioned, while consenting our clients an occasional temporary numbness, redness, swelling or possible bruising at the site of the injection is mentioned. Slight risk of headache (easily treated with paracetamol) and a very rare complication, ptosis (drooping eyelid) with a 1% risk , is mentioned to the client.

Of interest clients with ongoing recurrent tension headache often report less headache after our anti wrinkle injections.

The effect of the treatment is seen within a few days, and the benefits last for up to four months, after which further treatment is required.

Anti Wrinkle Treatment is administered by our Dental Surgeon and Anti Wrinkle and Lip Fillers specialist Sarah Behsangar who will carry out an initial consultation with you to get the right treatment to suit your needs.

1 area €140 / 2 areas €200 / 3 areas €280

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Price List

Comprehensive Check ( Including 2 Standart Bitewing X - Rays )€50
Additional X - Rays ( Periapical )€15
Child Check Up€30
Emergency Visit ( Including X - Ray and Prescription )€60
Review Appointment ( within 1 month )€25
Scale and Polish ( with Dentist )€50
Hygienist Appointment ( with med card €60 )€80


Acrylic Dentures ( Immediate )


Full Upper / Lower Dentures ( per arch )


Cobait Chrome Dentures



Tooth whitening


Mouthguards ( Including Occlusal Splints )



Amalgam Restorations

(from €90-€110)

Composite Restorations

(from €110-€140)

Temporary Restorations




Implant Crown


Root Canal Treatments ( Subject to Consult with Dentist)

from €450


Simple Extractions


Surgical Extractions



Medical Card patients treatments applicable free.

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